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Sine 1988, Robert Neumann, at A Vital Connection in Tacoma, has helped thousands of individuals change their lives using holistic healing. His mission is to assist you in overcoming any obstacle blocking your well-being, happiness and success: Hypnotherapy to help you eliminate mental obstacles; Natural medicines and Nutritional Consulting to help you optimize your health; and Feng Shui to bring balance and peace to your home or business.

A Vital Connection in Tacoma 

A Vital Connection


A core concept in traditional healing is to listen to your body--you are not seperate from nature, you are always connected.

Learning to take responsibility for our life and actions allows us to break free from victim-mentality. A good example of this is the Placebo effect: what you believe to be true, comes true.

Helping you create a Better life with hypnotherapy & natural Medicines

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"Helping you achieve your goals of optimum health, happiness and prosperity." 

-  Robert Neumann BCH